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Do Not Put off Resolving Your Tax Problems

If you are facing tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service, you have already taken a positive step by coming to Jeffrey W. Burzawa Attorney at Law.

You may be frustrated by the extremely high tax penalties and interest rates charged by the IRS or by the fact that you cannot afford to resolve your full tax debt and the amount you owe never goes down. It just gets bigger.

But ignoring the issue is no answer. You put yourself at risk of an involuntary collection action by the IRS.
  • Bank account seizure
  • Wage garnishment
  • Asset levies
In fact, if these processes may have already begun, it is time to act.

Let Me Deal With the Internal Revenue Service

Do not deal with the IRS directly. Once you retain my services to resolve your tax debt, I'll handle all your correspondence, visits, and telephone calls. You'll get the benefit of my tax expertise.

I'll even contact the Internal Revenue Service to let them know that you are now my client. I have dealt with the local IRS offices, the local agents, and local tax bodies for over 35 years.

Avoid Costly Procrastination and Needless Delays

The sooner you get your paperwork to me, the sooner we can resolve your tax issues. Once I can contact the IRS with your case, it usually takes anywhere between three and six months to reach a settlement.

Being proactive is always the best approach while delaying things until the IRS is garnishing your wages, seizing your assets, or levying your bank account leads to cumbersome and costly remedies.

Call me today at 724-837-0357 before laws change and become more complicated. Take advantage of the relief offered by the Internal Revenue Service while you can.
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